How Enneagrams Can Help With Personal Growth and Leadership

30 Nov How Enneagrams Can Help With Personal Growth and Leadership

The Enneagram of Personality, Enneagram for short, is a nine-sided model for the human psyche. Each side provides a distinctive personality type that individuals can fall under. While Enneagrams are typically used in the workforce to get a better idea of the strengths each employee–even at corporate levels–has, this psychological classification model can also help to incite personal growth. If you, as an individual, are interested in taking your personal growth and leadership skills to the next level, an Enneagram might be the tool you need.

Taking a Closer look at the Enneagram

To increase your personal growth and leadership skills, it’s essential that you know the functions of an Enneagram first. As a spherical structure, the Enneagram of Personality depicts nine different personalities with arrows pointing in various directions in its center. While one person may fall directly in a single category, it’s normal for people to have personality traits that interconnect. The Enneagram personalities are as followed in the correct numerical order:

1.  Reformer

2.  Helper

3.  Motivator

4.  Romantic

5.  Thinker

6.  Skeptic

7.  Enthusiast

8.  Leader

9.  Peacemaker

To figure out your Enneagram type, there are various online tests you can take, or, you can simply do research on each personality trait and choose the one you believe best fits your personality traits.

Enneagrams and Personal Growth

Enneagrams can be quite beneficial for individuals who want to expand on their personal growth and leadership skills. With its unique chart, individuals can identify their personality traits–the good and bad–through self-observation. While the Enneagram displays one’s personality, it also allows those individuals to look in depth at the areas of their personality and traits that need work–forming awareness. Most importantly, the Enneagram allows us to see the downsides of our personalities and come up with constructive ways to navigate them and to grow from them. This special psychological tool gives us the ability to NOT stand in our own way. In the sense of self-leadership, it’s always important to remember that leading others starts with leading ourselves first. The Enneagram helps individuals form heightened self-awareness and discover what drives them–leading them down a path of self-growth and effective self-leadership skills.

With an Enneagram, individuals can have to opportunity to form the best versions of themselves.



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