How Personality Assessments Can Benefit Your Team

01 Aug How Personality Assessments Can Benefit Your Team

Personality and aptitude tests, also known as psychometrics, are implemented in the workplace. These tests help employers grasp a better understanding of their employees–understanding their individual personalities, what motivates them, how they work with others, their goals, their self-awareness, etc. These tests are essential to the workforce due to its ability to create a strong team dynamic. Although personality assessments can be an asset to the functionality of a company, it’s sometimes-lengthy process is what deters employers from using it more often. However, for businesses who want to increase productivity and boost ROI-driven performance throughout the company, having your potential employees partake in a personality assessment may be the way to accomplish that.

The Importance of Personality Assessments in the Workplace

On average, companies who don’t implement personality assessments use one of two hiring processes. The first popular method is to look for their functional skills and if they line up with what’s currently needed. Or, they will hire individuals who share almost identical attributes–a very narcissistic move, but common nonetheless. While selecting employees solely based on their skills and identical qualities completely defeats the purpose of diversity, it’s not guaranteed that they will be able to work together as one, cohesive unit. The idea of picking the smartest people to work under the same roof may sound like a good idea, but in reality, it’s just the opposite. Time and time again, research has shown us that in order for there to be success in the workplace, the dynamics of each interpersonal relationship must be dependent on the connection of different personalities, not on skills and expertise. This does not mean that employers should only be hiring based on excellent personalities; there simply needs to be a balance between the two. This is where personality assessments come into play.

Most personality assessment tools evaluate how a person behaves when at their best, how they handle stress and pressure, what motivates them, and their personal needs and preferences. The results of these evaluations can help guide employers on which employees will work best with each other, what roles they will thrive in, and the value they will be able to provide the company with, and so much more. More importantly, it will also allow them to find employees who share similar work values. Additionally, these tests will allow employers to build a business strategy that’s compatible with their employees and highlights their strength and skills.

While these are just a few examples, personality assessments provide employers with a wealth of benefits that allow them to take their business to the next level.




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